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●Spring Start Ups        


 As professionals in the irrigation industry, we look at water as a precious commodity that is often wasted unnecessarily.  The technology that has been developed in recent years offers many options to conserving the amount of water we use with our sprinkler systems.

     1.  Rain Sensors -  These units interrupt the controller from activating after a measureable
          amount of rainfall.

     2.  Smart Controllers -  These units take into consideration the amount of rainfall and the
          temperature and periodically adjust the sprinkler operating times for you.  It changes the
          run times to reflect the current water needs of the plants.

     3.  Improper Head Placement -  Any amount of water going on to a concrete surface is
          100% waste.

     4.  Improper Hydro Zones-  Shaded grass areas should be watered separtely  from sunny
         grass areas.  Shrubs have different watering needs than turf. 

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